How to cope with the feedback loops from history?

“There are feedback loops, but with a long delay.” said a Hungarian colleague yesterday while a workshop at the World Forum of the Society of Organizational Learning in Paris. She emphasized that we can’t understand the current developments in Europe without trying to learn from history. Although today’s rationality is interwoven with emotional energy at least from the last 100 years, we move into new transformations without learning from (or at least asking about) the unfinished transformations of the past. The 20th century was full of fear and conflict, and today there are consequences, that are obvious all over the eastern part of Europe. But we rather ignore them. If you take a close look, you will find stories of desorientation, of uncertainty. The souls got stuck somehow, no matter how much money was poured in. You can see this for example in Hungary, in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in Eastern Germany as well.

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